Bang Envy - Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg seems to be one of those mythically "cool" women of the 1960s and 1970s that everyone talks about but no one really knows these days. Most people know her as The Great Tyrant in Barbarella, but that role is a little misleading because her famous blonde hair is covered in a scary, dark wig. But otherwise, her body of work is a little obscure. Where did she disappear to after the years of decadence and drugs?

There's the whole "dated not one, but two members of the Rolling Stones" thing which is always hot - even forty years later. Pallenberg first dated Brian Jones and then left him for Keith Richards, with whom she spent about twelve years, having three children with him. There's always the question of an affair with Mick Jagger too. Since that whole time was such a soup of sexuality and non-existent boundaries, I'm neither judging, nor ruling anything out. Pallenberg helped to shape the Rolling Stones - guiding them with musical input and ideas, and ultimately serving as one of the band's great muses, along with Marianne Faithfull. By this same token, she is also the one who led the band down the rabbit hole of drug addiction and wildly bad habits.

Brian Jones & Anita Pallenberg

Pallenberg with Keith RichardsPallenberg & Richards

The picture above is just awesome. She's in leopard pants and a man's shirt, while he's in striped pajamas. They're both totally fey and adorable.

Pallenberg and Mick JaggerIn bed with Mick Jagger, by Cecil Beaton

An artistic bohemian with inherent contradictions, what is agreed upon is that Anita Pallenberg was and is one cool bitch. Her style was slightly toussled, boyishly sexy, fun, and nymphish: loose blouses, a touch of menswear, a fur coat, a feather boa and big hat. A lean stringbean with a big smile and maybe a hint of lingerie, she reminds me of one of my current favorite it girls: Alexa Chung. Mod, adventurous, artistic, and at the eye of a cultural storm - who wouldn't want to know what her life was like, even for a moment?

As The Great Tyrant in Barbarella

A pair of birds: Pallenberg (right) with Marianne FaithfullPallenberg - She's got legs